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Toric Integration

Toric is used by Architecture & Planning, Civil Engineering, Construction, Real estate operations, and developers to leverage their existing data. Using Toric companies can combine design, project, and finance data in one place for real-time analysis, insights, and decision making.
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BIM 360 Card
BIM 360 Data App
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Works with:BIM 360 Build, BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Cost Management
The Integration

Navigate to the Integrations page in Toric to configure your BIM 360 app. Create an Automation to get your data into Toric.
Leverage Toric's no-code platform to transform your data. Connect any node to charts; choose from bar charts, pie charts, and more. Share your Data Apps with stakeholders.

Toric is a data tool allowing organizations to connect to BIM 360 and consolidate data for analysis and insights in one workspace.


  • Connect to BIM 360 for access to files, issues, RFIs, cost data, and more in one workspace.
  • Transform data in Toric without code.
  • Build dashboards and reports and share with all stakeholders.


Technology built byToric Labs


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