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Naviate Cloud Manager Integration

Naviate Cloud Manager
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FY22Q1_Cloud Manager_Connect2.6
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Works with:BIM 360 Build, BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

Naviate Cloud Manager saves time while managing Autodesk Construction Cloud BIM 360 so you can focus on high-value tasks like digital transformation and sustainability. The tasks of managing multiple projects simultaneously are streamlined, including project creation, and member management.

Naviate Cloud Manager allows ACC administrators to manage multiple projects simultaneously and enables project data synchronization between intranet servers and the cloud environment. 


  • Securely Connect BIM 360 Hubs with Your Autodesk Account
  • Create Multiple BIM 360 Projects Simultaneously
  • Accelerate Adding Multiple Users to Multiple Projects
  • Copy Template Project Folder Structures with Files to Multiple Projects at the Same Time
  • Automate Model Publishing, Uploading & Downloading with Custom Integration
  • Sync Local Folders and Files to/from BIM 360 Intelligently
  • Easily Filter Hub Member List
  • Multiple Project Upload & Download to/from BIM 360 Hubs with Granular Control


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