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Egnyte Integration

Egnyte combines the power of cloud content management, data security, and AI into one intelligent content platform. More than 22,000 companies and millions of end users worldwide trust Egnyte to improve employee productivity, automate business processes, and safeguard critical data.
ACC Connect - Project Overview
ACC Connect - Project Overview
ACC Connect - Dependencies
ACC Connect - Recipe View
Egnyte UI - Showing Data from ACC
The Integration

Flexible deployment models, robust integration ecosystem, and open APIs to address the business needs of companies in diverse industries and regions, and at different levels of cloud adoption.

Create Custom Workflows Using Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect


  • Integrate Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, and BIM 360 with Egnyte using Autodesk ACC Connect
  • Automatically create, copy, and update folders and files bidirectionally between platforms
  • Connect Egnyte to PlanGrid, BuildingConnected, Assemble, BIM 360, and ACC apps


Technology built byEgnyte


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Quotation mark

Once we transitioned to enterprise cloud for our document storage, we were able to work more productively and manage files and workflows much faster, largely because Egnyte handles uploads and transfer of large files really well. It’s also the rare cloud platform that works well with Autodesk. All of a sudden, these massive AutoCAD files worked a lot better.

- Demetrios Gianniris, MG Engineering

The combination of migrating our project data to Egnyte, and then integrating Egnyte with our Autodesk environment improved our operations so much that our executive team took notice. That success gave us the credibility to propose other ambitious IT projects.

- Blaine Crawford, C.W. Driver

With Egnyte and BIM 360/ACC, we were able to move our design production files 100% to the cloud.  Revit worksharing for our non-BIM 360/ACC files on Egnyte has been seamless… From an implementation standpoint, we wish all new technologies were as easy to implement as Egnyte…everything just WORKS.

- Kri