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Take complete control of your cash flow by purchasing materials upfront and enjoying the flexibility of 120-day terms.  Billd's payment solution provides commercial subcontractors access to funds with terms that mirror their repayment cycle. 
Finally, it's time to build on your terms.
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The Integration

Embed Billd directly within an Autodesk Build or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard.
Why use Billd?  Subcontractors are forced to float to the cost of materials and labor almost always before getting paid.  With Billd, not anymore.  Take complete control of your cash flow and build on your terms.

Access unique financing solutions directly within Autodesk Construction Cloud, alongside key project workflows. 


  • Easily Embed Billd in an Autodesk Build or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard
  • Quickly access Billd financing solutions
  • Display alongside key construction data from Autodesk Construction Cloud


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Without Billd, there are several projects that would have been a financial burden to our company, but with Billd, we have a partner that understands the construction industry like no other financing company I have come in contact with. No predatory lending, real people, and most importantly someone in our corner. Our relationship with Billd was one of the best decisions I have made.

- Ashleigh Hernandez, Owner VL Iron Works

Fast and easy! Everyone is super friendly and knows exactly what to do. I am a forever customer.

- Mike Hogan, Superior Floor Coatings

Thank you! Was a pleasant and quick application and the money came fast as promised. Helped our cash flow and ability to do more work.

- Archinova Builders LLC