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Awair Integration

Awair is proud to be a global leader in air quality monitoring and smart sensing technology. Awair Omni has empowers organizations to safeguard occupant health and champion data-driven sustainability initiatives.
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Awair Partner Card - Customize
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Awair Dashboard
The Integration

Awair Omni’s sensors monitor seven key factors that influence the well-being of your occupants: VOCs, PM.2, CO2, humidity, temperature, light, and noise. Awair’s software allows you to embed a simple overview of those sensors that impact occupants the most by bringing that to your BIM360 dashboard.

Awair Omni combined with the Awair Dashboard software provides real-time and historical insights into air quality metrics that can keep building and job site occupants safe and healthy.


  • View indoor air quality metrics in real-time from your BIM360 dashboard
  • Choose the main air factor that matters most to the building or job site occupants
  • Investigate further on the Awair Dashboard if an air factor is out of range


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