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Evercam Integration

Evercam consolidates construction data, integrating BIM, drones, 360 cameras, and project management software. Every project moment is recorded, ensuring accidents, delays, or disputes are documented. Provides visibility to multiple projects worldwide.
Integration forPartner Card
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Live View
Recordings and X-Ray View
Mark-Up Tool
Bim Compare
The Integration

It is easier than ever to access your project cameras with our embedded Evercam Live View from your the Autodesk Insight Dashboard. You can access all of your Evercam features including Live streaming, X-ray view, BIM Compare, and Gate Report in one place.

Evercam provides construction camera software that uses AI, BIM, drone, 360 cameras and project management software integrations to make multiple data sources readily available on their platform for customers.


  • Enjoy a live view of your construction site from your dashboard to manage your site remotely
  • Record high-resolution images for every second of the construction site progress
  • Compare your real time camera with your 4D BIM Model to measure progress
  • Highlight and communicate key information by with our simple mark-pp tool


Technology built byEvercam


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Quotation mark

"It’s great for providing our clients with transparency and keeping them updated 24/7."

- Jay Cheung – Bartra Marketing Director

"The real power of Evercam is the ability to integrate the BIM model…This allowed our client to get a feel for what the finished office would look like and gave the ability to track progress against the final product." 

- Niall Byrne- CARAS General Manager