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BIMSearch Integration

Founded by leading BIM managers and engineers, AMECTech benefits from years of experience with BIM in the AEC industry. We combine our tech knowledge with experience on site to constantly develop apps that get the most out of BIM, in practice. 
Integration forBIM 360
BIMsearch overview
Search your model
Save elements as selection sets
Manually select elements and summarize
View saved selection sets
Compare sets of elements
Works with:BIM 360 Docs, Autodesk Build
The Integration

To use BIMSearch: just open the app in your browser, select a model and search for categories, type names, levels etc. See the search results instantly highlighted on your model and in a table ready to export to Excel. Select and save groups of elements to compare and easily manage your project.

BIMSearch is an easy-to-use app that makes BIM accessible to everyone. It is an interactive viewer for any model saved in Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Build or BIM 360, making all the data available in seconds.


  • Makes BIM data accessible for everyone - no previous experience necessary
  • Calculate quantities in seconds
  • Access BIM data remotely and without opening large files
  • Color-code and save groups of elements and compare to manage site logistics


Technology built byAMECTech


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Quotation mark

 “Every 10 minutes using BIMSearch saves me an hour of work"

- Ariel Azulay, BIM manager, Sela Binuy

“Very simple and useful tool, I find myself using it every day”

- Nadav Gavish, CEO, Seagate LTD

"Our site logistics and procurement workflows have significantly improved with BIMSearch"

- Liron Naim, BIM lead, Sade Projects