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Arvizio Integration

Arvizio delivers enterprise AR/MR experiences on Magic Leap, Microsoft HoloLens 2, tablets & smartphones. Our Immerse 3D offers hybrid rendering and industry-leading model optimization to create multi-user shared AR/MR experiences with massive 3D BIM & CAD models and LiDAR point clouds.
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The Integration

The XR Platform offers hybrid rendering and 3D model optimization for multi-user shared AR/MR experiences with massive 3D BIM and CAD models, LiDAR point clouds and photogrammetry models which are streamed to, and visualized on, MR headsets and mobile devices using the Arvizio Immerse app.

Arvizio's XR Platform combines advanced 3D visualization, multi-user/multi-location sharing & data integration in a single comprehensive solution.


  • Import, optimization and hybrid rendering of complex 3D models with automatic LOD.
  • Real-time multi-user sharing, IoT data integration, document viewing and annotation capabilities.
  • 30+ spatial data formats supported including CAD, BIM/IFC, OBJ, FBX, STL, gITF, E57, etc.
  • Automatically scale and align models with the physical world.
  • Accurate in-model and real-world measurements.
  • 1:1 scale interaction with holographic models including point clouds.
  • Metadata handling for structured models.


Technology built byArvizio


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